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Potential Voltage & Hazard Stop System
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Exceeds NEC 2014 690.12(1) (2)
Zero Voltage within 10 seconds
Visual/Audio Status upon Shutdown
Customizable GUI
Customizable PV Array Map
Module/String/Array Diagnostics
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Module Level Control Electronics

For IP Inquiry
Provide company contact information, including the corporate officers to be involved, and attorney or IP legal representative for the company. Negotiation will not be considered unless the legal representatives are provided and are party to the communication. We do not invite contacts from engineering or sales and marketing staff, though they may be included with the above officer(s) and attorneys.
We then forward the inquiry to our Patent Attorney and  our General Business Counsel, for NDA, limited disclosures, negotiation, letters of intent, further disclosure and final negotiations. There are no further discussions of the IP outside of the interface between the respective company’s legal teams.

Click Here to inquire - PV Stop Licensing is now available to Solar Manufacturers
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Need a Solution that works? McCune Works.

As the world faces a “Convergence” of multiple crisis in disasters, food security, mass relocations, environmental stress, climate change and energy shortages; as people need a solution that works. McCune Works!

Design, Research & Development in Innovative Green Products, Building Methods, Materials, & Building Components
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McCune Solar Works, LLC
A McCune Works, Inc. company

“To operate within a framework of social and environmental responsibility to develop and manufacture new products, building designs, materials and methods for affordable, low maintenance energy efficient, high quality solutions for distribution worldwide.
We will maintain a design ethic consonant with our planet and the
world around us, respectfully coexistent with the forces of nature.”

Canadian Solar 260 Watt Solar Diamond Glass-Glass Modules and McCune Solar Works PV Storô Battery Storage Systems

These are among the highest quality, longest life PV modules available - 30 Year Warranty. The engineering and Quality control is impeccable.

Read Installation Manual Please!

Read Data Sheet Please!

In Stock Now

Custom design upon request

Commercial and Residential

Off Grid/Micro Grid Systems

Utility Projects

Net Metering

PV Stortm 10KW Battery Storage

PV Staxtm Multi Function Module Control

PV Stoptm Complete Rapid ShutDown

SceneSafetm Comprehesive Scene Safety Control

IMPORTANT: We are supportive of our Do it Yourself community. Often members of the DIY community have buildings and systems within their buildings that have not had building permits or inspections. Some are done according to all Building Safety Codes, many are not. It is important to bring these systems up to code compliance for safety. Further, if you plan to install Solar PV in a grid-interactive system, you will need permits and inspections. We sell our renewable energy products to all. We advise proper permitting, inspections and qualified persons to perform the installations. A licensed electrician is required to do electrical work in most jurisdictions. Read and understand all documents, manuals and warranties with particular attention to safety cautions. We are pleased to answer any questions, please use the contact form and we will respond promptly.